20 November 2008

Stupid Movie Poster

Subtitle: Don't invite me to your sleepover.

When I was younger, staying the night at my friends' houses, while fun, was always stressful. I never wet the bed (thank God), but I have been known to talk in my sleep from time to time. Rumor also has it, although I really don't believe this one, that I snore. Those two things could ruin a young girl's chance at popularity.

Anyway, I still talk in my sleep from time to time. Like last night. Evidently I woke B. up and scared our dog.

For obvious reasons, I can't post a pic of the 'bad guy' that scared me during the night, but I'll link to him.


B. said...

It was weird, I put my hand on you back and you stopped.

Iris Took said...

I was totally nervous to click the link.

A. said...

That thing scares the bejesus outta me. I really can't stand to look at it.