22 October 2008

Wedding Recap

Every once in awhile, I'm overwhelmed by just how lucky I am. B. would chalk it up to hormones, but Saturday was one such day. I witnessed two great people getting married. I hung out with some of my best friends. I caught up with some long-lost friends. Everything, including the weather, was right in the world. Some highlights:
  • Seeing my brother dressed up in a monkey suit. He cleans up well. And can give one heck of a best man speech.
  • Seeing my adorable, pregnant friend S. (She's due 10 days before me!)
  • Spending time with some of the greatest people I know.
  • Realizing just how well B. fits in with those awesome peeps.
  • Having a comfortable chat with my dad.
  • Having someone I haven't seen in 13 years ask if I've written a novel yet and then lecture me on following my dreams.
  • Being called stylish. (Stacy and Clinton must be rubbing off on me. Or K. was drunk.)
  • Laughing until my sides hurt. (B.'s mustache may have had something to do with that.)
  • Getting 'felt up' by my closest friends. (What is it about a baby that makes people want to touch your belly?)
  • Having a comfy bed to crash in.
  • Eating much-loved, and much-missed, sausage gravy and biscuits.
  • Seeing my 13-year-old cat. (He still doesn't like me.)
I know Saturday was supposed to be about J. and K., but I was feeling the love too. It's a good thing I wasn't drinking because it totally would have been one of those nights where I go around telling everyone I love them.

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Miss Jack said...

What a nice day...for EVERYONE! :)