27 October 2008

Oh the Irony

One of my favorite things about owning my own home is having houseguests. I strive to be the perfect hostess and now that we have a guest room again, I can again start living up to my potential.

One of the first things I needed to restart my efforts was a new comforter set. We have a twin bed in our guest room for now, but I have no twin sheets. So, I ordered a nice set and have been counting the days until it arrived.

Then, out of nowhere, we have an overnight guest! Here I am, ready to reclaim the title of best hostess, and I'm sheetless. I'm sure our friend B. didn't even notice the queen sheets on the bed this weekend, but I did.

The kicker? I just got an e-mail letting me know that my purchase is now available for in-store pick-up ... three days too late.


B. said...

Don't worry baby we will get another guest

Miss Jack said...

You will in no way, be short on guests after the baby arrives. So, according to your calculations you have about 108 days until your first house guest. :)