03 October 2008

My Husband has a Secret Life

A few weeks (months?) ago, new neighbors moved in next door. From what I can tell, they are nice (although their mean, evil, stupid dog attacked Devo). The biggest thing I've noticed about them is that their daughter is fricking adorable. Last Saturday I may have even concocted a plan to steal her.

Anyway, last night, after the adorable girl showed B. her Hannah Montana Halloween costume and microphone, her mom told B. that the little girl thinks B. is on Disney's Imagination Movers. She thinks our friend B. is on the show too. Evidently she told her mom 'I think they live next door.' How cute is that?


Miss Jack said...

I'd play into it if I were you....that way it makes steeling her easier! :)

Kay said...

I've seen the show, and thought that the B's resemble the characters too! haha!

Kelly said...

I think that B. and B. should dress up like the characters for Halloween. Jason says you should ask Bob Wilson and Spyrou to round out the group!