10 October 2008

It's One of those Days

Thumbs Up to:
* Chocolate milk
* Weekends
* Friends
* Being solicited for freelance work

Thumbs Down to:
* White milk
* Fridays full of meetings
* Annoying clients
* Not having time to craft


wrestling kitties said...

yum - chocolate milk!

May I join?

Thumbs up:
- It is Friday
- Terry's B-Day this weekend
- Starbucks Coffee

Thumbs Down:
- Being sick
- Having to run around during my lunch break
- Being busy on a Friday

Kay said...

Preaching to the choir sista, preaching to the choir.

My thumbs:

- It's Friday
- We're going camping this weekend and will go to a craft show and carve pumpkins!
- I got my new business cards and they look awesome
- Doll sales!

- Still having a cold
- No time to do crafts. I just keep adding to my list of things I want to make!
- Overhearing annoying co-workers conversations all the time
- This day is going by too slow

B. said...

Thumbs up:
- It is Friday
- Getting Hired Full Time
- Shooting guns this weekend

Thumbs Down:
- Sore Backs
- Not being able to get rid of my shift
- People stuck on themselves