15 October 2008

Best. Dog. Ever.

As usual, I fell asleep on the couch last night. B. says Devo stared at me for awhile, probably to get me to scootch over, then went upstairs. Devo rarely goes upstairs without us. (He's kinda clingy that way.) An hour later, when B. and I went to bed, this is where we found him: on my side of the bed, totally using my pillow.


Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

THAT is the cutest thing ever.

1. Was Devo named after the movie, "Friday"?
2. How old is Devo?
3. How big is Devo?

SO cute.

TLC said...

devo is totally adorable!!!

do you think he'll be jealous once baby shows up?

Sad Panda said...

Aw! That would be the best bed warmer!

Kay said...

That is so funny! Silly doggie.

Miss Jack said...

Oh, too cute! I love it! BTW...feel free to use awesomesauce whenever you feel like it. It puts a smile on my face, every. single. time. I use it! Go ahead. You know you want to! :)

A. said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks my dog is pretty cute!

Ky: Devo and his 5 brothers and sisters were abandoned on the side of a road in West Virginia. Some people at the place B. and I whitewater raft every year found them and offered them to good homes on a weekend we were down there. Our river guide's name was Devo, so we went with it! He's 2 and a half and weighs about 90 pounds!

TLC: He's totally going to be jealous when the baby comes. We're kinda worried about that, but we'll make it work. (Tim Gunn says we have to!)

wrestling kitties said...

OH, that is seriously the cutest! I would not want to move him...he looks too comfy :)

B. said...

FYI we didn't move him. A. actually slept upside down on the bed and I slept like normal, with a little less room. We couldn't move him he looked too comfy.
I think it was great before he went upstairs he was staring at A. Then he looked over at me and I could almost here him saying "are you going to make her move for me? I want to lay on the couch too." It was totally cute.