16 September 2008

Tag! I'm it!

My friend A. tagged me yesterday for Meme Monday. I've never been tagged before, so I figured why not join in?

Where were you 10 years ago? - September 1998? I was working at Butt's, going to BGSU, pining after B. and living in a blue house! (Thanks for reminding me about the house, W.)

What is on today's 'To-Do-List?' - I have a bunch of work to catch up on - billing advertisers, updating Catalog pages, etc. At home I plan to do a quick bit of yard work.

What would you do if you were a billionaire? - I'm not going to lie, I'd pack my things, buy a boat and set sail. (If I were only a millionaire, my plans would be much more realistic and charitable.)

Name 5 places you have lived. - Cecil, Ohio; Bowling Green, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio. (So sad, I've only lived in three towns.)

Name 3 of your bad habits. - I worry too much; I bite my nails; and I take things too personally.

What are your favorite snacks? - Salami/cream cheese/pickle roll-ups, peanut M&Ms and ice cream.

Consider yourself tagged! Share your answers in the Comments!


TLC said...

1. 10 years ago I was a third year law student at UT College of Law.

2. at work: write some Web copy; at home: pay for tree to be cut down, give kids baths tonight, pay bills

3. Quit my job, buy a bigger house, travel with my kids and husband around the world

4. Tampa, FL; Toledo, Ohio; Athens, Ohio; Bloomsburg, PA; Sylvania, Ohio

5. Swearing, picking my nails, eating too much chocolate

TLC said...

oops..i forgot the last one:

6. favorite snacks: Fritos; chocolate covered graham cracker cookies w/ peanut butter; peanut M&Ms (not all at once, mind you...it depends on my mood)

wrestling kitties said...


1) 10 years ago, September 1998?
I was a freshman at BGSU

2) To-Do-List Today?
Well, trying to work but I am excited about this evening. I am picking up a cake for us and then T & I are going to PF Changs for dinner and then to Best Buy to get the new season of Torchwood as a gift for us.

3) Billionaire?
House in England and live there part of the year and in the States part of the year. And travel as much as I can with my family and friends.

4) 5 places you have lived?
I don't have 5! Bowling Green, Dover, St Pete Beach FL

5) 3 bad habits?
being hard on myself, procrastinating, cracking my knuckles or anything else I can make crack on me

6) hummus and tortilla chips, mini peppermint patties, cheese

Two Pretzels said...

FUN! Love these.

1. 10 years ago? In college at Bluffton College. :-)

2. Today's To-do list. Ad revisions, ad creation, 3 meetings and LUNCH hopefully at some point!

3. Billionaire? Make charity my life. And, run a foster dog farm.

4. Lived: Toledo, Maumee, Bluffton, San Jose del Cabo. That's it.

5. Bad habits? I'm sometimes far too intense. I tend to hold grudges against people I don't like. I worry.

6. Fav snacks: Right now, trail mix with many M&Ms. Plus, anything in a tortilla is amazing.

Kay said...

Where were you 10 years ago?
At BGSU, living with A at that crappy blue house. Enjoying being fully on my own (out of the dorm) and all of the underage drinking that came with it.

What is on today's 'To-Do-List?'
1.) Being thankful that we have power.
2.) Being lazy and enjoying my free day off because my office still doesn't have power.
3.) Do laundry.
4.) Sew dolls.
5.) Judge the cheerleading competition going on at our house. (the girls have decided they are trying out to be cheerleaders. They have decorated themselves and the house in prep for the big event.)

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
I would quit my job, but I'd still volunteer and donate money to different causes. I'd move to somewhere where it's fall all the time and Halloween is celebrated every other weekend. Oh, and I'd pay Tim Burton to come and have dinner at my house.

Name 5 places you have lived.
Clio, Michigan
Bryan, Ohio
Bowling Green, Ohio
Loveland, Ohio
Colerain Township, Ohio

Name 3 of your bad habits.
1.) Sleeping (I could sleep all day long. Really.)
2.) Being anxious about stuff, too much worry.)
3.) Trying to do too much at one time and getting stressed about it.

What are your favorite snacks?
1.) White cheddar cheese popcorn.
2.) Slow churned chocolate ice cream

Miss Jack said...

WOW! You got some great responses! I'll have to did it like that next time. :) Thanks for participating.

B. said...

1)10 years ago was living in BG working at Kamikazees and Butts, partying down.
2)Cook dinner, wash dishes, walk the doggie
3)Buy an RV and travel all over and blog about it
4)Buffalo, NY
Bowling Green, OH
North Canton, OH
Toledo, OH
5)Leaving my dirty laundry all over the bedroom, Leave the cabinet doors open, leave clutter all over my desk
6)Reese PB cups and variations of them, Oreos dunked in milk, Salt and Vinegar chips

A. said...

Couple things, B.

You didn't include me in your first answer. Harrumphf.

Also, I want to get a boat and sail. Maybe we can sail 6 months out of the year and RV 6 months out of the year. Watcha think?