10 September 2008

The Perfect Cure for a Bad Day

Last night B. and I had the honor of going to Major Magic's with my friend and her 9-year-old son for his birthday. I'd never been to Major Magic's or Chuck E. Cheese, but I was familiar with the concept and was looking forward to the evening.

Well, folks. It exceeded my expectations. I haven't been having the best week, but watching a 9-year-old (Z.) and a 33-year-old (B.) race horses is hilarious. Watching Z. run around with strips and strips of tickets in his hand, exclaiming, 'Hey, I found a sweet machine!' was adorable. Seeing B. concentrate so hard on the whack-an-alligator game was great. Even the $5 pizza buffet was good.

Next time I'm having a bad day, B. and I are totally going back to Major Magic's. With or without Z.


Sad Panda said...

I have never heard of Major Magic's before but if you get tickets, I wanna go!

Iris Took said...

Do they still have the crazy characters singing, "Charlie Brown?"