02 September 2008

My Problem with Free Money

Last month I redeemed some MyPoints for a $50 Target gift card. It came in the mail last week and was totally burning a hole in my pocket. Free money! Woo-hoo! B. and I went to spend it Sunday with this condition: we couldn't buy anything we needed. Our purchases had to be frivolous.

Usually when I go into Target (or any store for that matter), I can find tons of frivolous things to buy. But when I have extra money, it's a no-go. This happened to us after we got married, so I shouldn't be surprised. It took us forever to use our gift cards. For some reason, spending free money is harder for us than spending our own money.

I ended up buying two bags of Halloween M&Ms, index cards and an address book. Billy got a CD. And we still have $25 to spend. The trip wasn't nearly as fun as I had hoped it would be.

Sidebar: I've also been sitting on four free iTunes credits for several months. What is my problem?!

Update: My iTunes credits have expired.

1 comment:

B. said...

If they had the cute puppy on the card we could have used it on him