26 September 2008

I Love Lucy!

Lately I've been feeling kind of over XM. For the longest time, I couldn't listen online at work. They keep getting rid of channels. They added a Coldplay channel (blech). And, well, we don't use it that much anymore.

But today I'm feeling the love. Lucy is all over the classic alternative hits. Soundgarden. Pearl Jam. Eagle Eye Cherry. Presidents of the United States of America. Cake. Social D. Audioslave. Live. Beastie Boys. Sublime. K's Choice. I can't get enough!


B. said...

Lucy is the bomb!

Sad Panda said...

I love Lucy!

Rockit J Squirrel said...

I too love lucy... Its the soundtrack to my 20's

They could play a little more "real grunge" though.

Iris Took said...

Always wanted satellite radio!

t.w.i.t. said...

I love Lucy, too! But sometimes, they'll be on a roll with some great 90's alternative rock/grunge, and then they'll ruin it with some cheesy song that I hated back then, and still hate now.

It's like when you're in your dancing groove at a wedding reception. You've had a couple of drinks and you're all warmed up, and then the a-hole DJ plays "Old Time Rock and Roll," and the dance floor clears so that all the old people can come out and transfer weight from one foot to another, under the guise of "dancing."

I'm sorry, I'm just a little bitter about how often that happens to me.