02 September 2008

Don't Believe the Hype

For awhile now I've been thinking that I'd like to make French onion soup ... and dressing ... and apple dumplings ... and enchiladas ... and chocolate cake. So this weekend, I got busy in the kitchen.

I started with the dressing. My mom made the best dressing in the world. Unfortunately, I don't have her recipe, so I kinda have to wing it. I can get pretty close, but it'll never be exact. I've accepted that fact. My problem this weekend was that I sauteed the onions and celery in olive oil. Yuck! It ruined the entire batch of dressing. I thought I was being healthy, but since I don't even want to eat the dressing, it's not worth it. Back to butter for me.

Olive oil also got me on my French onion soup recipe. Every recipe I found said to saute the onions in olive oil, so I did, only to once again be disappointed. My friend B. ate three bowls, so it was edible, but if I ever make French onion soup again (which I'm not planning on), I would most definitely not use olive oil.

I told my friend S. (a cook) this story this morning and she just kinda shook her head at me like, 'there are some recipes you shouldn't use olive oil in, you dolt.' She didn't exactly come out and call me a dolt, but the message was clear. Stupid Rachel Ray.

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