30 September 2008

Chiaro... wha?

Last fall while meandering along Michigan Avenue in Chicago, my cousin A. and I came across this adorable store called Chiaroscuro. I grabbed a business card so I could visit the store's Web site when I got home, but I lost the card and couldn't for the life of me remember how to pronounce, much less spell, Chiaroscuro.

I found the business card recently, which is great, but now that I can access the site, I've found a million things I want to buy - like that adorable giraffe piggy bank above.

Everything in the store is bright and colorful and artsy. Not artsy in the country craft way but artsy in the trendy, city way. Check it out and let me know what's on your Chiaroscuro wish list!

1 comment:

Kay said...

Their stuff really reminds me of the Sarut Group.


I love colorful artsy stuff. I'll take it all.