05 August 2008

Psychoanalyze Me Please

So I work with this person who loves to use the phrase, 'you weren't here.' As in, 'I called you, but you weren't here.' 'I stopped by, but you weren't here.'

It's pretty much a given that if I go to the bathroom, roughly a 3-minute excursion, this person will have stopped by. I'll know because later s/he will say, (say it with me) 'I stopped by, but you weren't here.'

A good 95% of the time, I'm somewhere official - a meeting, the bathroom - only occasionally am I out gallivanting around. Yet, when s/he says 'you weren't here', it feels accusatory and I feel guilty. I hate that. It's not like I'm taking naps on the other side of campus, but every time s/he uses that phrase, I start spewing information on my whereabouts. Which, I'm sure, makes me sound as guilty as I feel.

* Note: When I Googled 'irritated' this pic came up. I think it sums up my feelings perfectly.


wrestling kitties said...

i think I know exactly who you are talking about ;)


Mickey D. said...

It's annoying. It's punch in the pface worthy.

Don't concern yourself with it any longer.

However, I do enjoy doing it back to them.