04 August 2008

Photo Parade #3 - Frustration

This is my choice for Turtle Parade's third Photo Parade topic - Frustration.

Back in the day I was a decent piano player. Playing was a big enough part of my life that I had a senior picture taken with the piano I spent every Wednesday with for 10 years.

I quit taking lessons after my sophomore year of college and didn't play a piano at all for about 4 years. I thought when I decided to pick it up again, it'd be like riding a bike. It wasn't. Now my mom's piano sits, pretty much unused, in my dining room because every time I sit down to play I get frustrated by my lack of skills.


Kay said...

Wow, that shirt is amazing. Silk ruffley amazing.

A. said...

Hey! That shirt was all the rage in 1994.

Rockit J Squirrel said...

Agreed, silky and ruffly ARE amazing together!

A. said...

So maybe I should change the reason for posting this picture from 'frustrated that I can't play the piano anymore' to 'frustrated that no one likes my shirt'.