11 August 2008

It Wasn't Meant to Be

Back in April, my friend B. asked if I wanted to see Gary Allan when he came to T-town. Somehow, despite how much I like live music and Gary Allan, I forgot all about it. Once she reminded me, I had other plans so the concert was scrapped. Then B. (my husband) said he'd go with me if I wanted to go after our new plans.

This was exciting because B. doesn't like country music and was therefore sacrificing and because I was going to get to see Gary Allan after all. We decided to wait to get tickets, though, because the weather guys were predicting a storm. But then, I was handed two free, reserved seating tickets, so B. and I decided we were going, who cares about a little rain?

And that's exactly what we were thinking Saturday as we were sitting in our seats, cold, cold rain coming down moments before the show was scheduled to start. It was just a little rain and no one else was leaving, so we were in for the long haul, which, as it so happens, was until it started hailing. Yep. I got hail in my ear.

The hail, which was freezing, go figure, was pea- to marble-sized. And it was coming down fast. We made a fast break for the car, hampered only by the blinding hail and 20,000 other people scrambling to their vehicles, and headed home, where I eventually listened to my Gary Allan CD.

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