20 August 2008

Don't Blow My Cover

Every once in awhile I come up with a blog post and then realize I can't write it because it's about or relates to one of my readers. This is the case today, but I think I've found a solution. I'm going to write in code. Yep. Secret code. If you think this post is about you, or you think you know who it is about, please don't let me know you know.

Here's my tale. I love to craft. I particularly enjoy scrapbooking and cardmaking, but I can also cross stitch and make easy jewelry and follow simple craft kit directions (like those found in Oriental Trading Co. kits). I decided about two weeks ago that I was going to put these skills to use and make a thing for my friend. I am sooooo excited about it! It's a craft I haven't done for years, but it's coming back quickly and I'm really enjoying it.

I can't wait to give the thing to my friend and see him or her put it on his or her thing.


B. said...

I know! I know! Of course I live with and watch you do said craft and you told me who it is for.

Kay said...

Well if that's wasn't a cryptic message I don't know what is!

Rockit J Squirrel said...

The longer I know you the less I am surprised by the weird things you do.

IE. I think your goofy