06 August 2008

Calling All Garage Salers

If you like garage sales and are free this weekend, let me suggest the 'World's Longest Yard Sale'. It starts in West Unity, Ohio and stretches 654 miles along U.S. 127 to Gadsden, Alabama.

This sale is gaining quite the buzz. You may have seen the 2007 sale featured on HGTV earlier this year. I also believe Rachael Ray is a fan. (But that could be a rumor started by my high school guidance counselor.) Yep, that's right, 127 runs right through my backyard!

In addition to amazing treasures and good deals, you'll find my high school, the empty field where my first elementary school stood, the old grocery store where I had my first job, the truck stop where I ate many a meal at 4 in the morning and the Subway where I ate my first 800 roast beef subs.

You won't be disappointed!

Update: The Rachael Ray rumor isn't a rumor. She did a show about the sale too!


B. said...

I am jealous

wrestling kitties said...

yeah, I heard about this on RR's show! It looked awesome! That would be a crazy thing to do, but way fun :)

Iris Took said...

Is the garage sale "figure friendly made with EVOO, DE-LISH!"