07 July 2008

Tales from the Bathroom

Rumor has it, the construction that has forced me to pee outside since April is on schedule. By the beginning of August, my saga should be over. I've been handling it fairly well. Other than some pretty hot and humid days and some pretty rainy days, it hasn't been all that bad. I'm considering the walk my daily allotment of exercise.

But today, a mosquito bit me on my walk. Not cool.

I'm one of those people that mosquitoes love. No amount of Off! or Skin So Soft can keep them away. If 15 people are standing around a campfire, I'm the one getting bit. And once I'm bit, the bumps grow and grow and itch and itch and get red and redder.

So, this going outside to go to the bathroom thing bites. Literally.


wrestling kitties said...

I feel you on this. I was outside for 5 minutes this weekend and got bite three times! The damn mosquito even managed to find its way up my pants to bite me on my ass twice - ugh! My sister was sitting right next to me and nothing. I say it is because I am SO sweet, T. says it must be because I stink.

B. said...

Ha ha bites! Literally bites ha ha you are so funny

Sad Panda said...

I hope you showed that mosquito who's boss around here (or there).

Two Pretzels said...

Unacceptable - but I'm SO GLAD to hear about the bathroom. AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

You stated the misquito bit you on your walk. just where on your body is the walk???????

Iris Took said...

SSSS from Avon does not work. Smells nice, does not work.

What if you just started carrying Mace?