28 July 2008

Take a Chance on Mamma Mia

I know that musicals aren't everyone's cup of tea, but if you are even remotely interested in seeing Mamma Mia - do it! My cousin A. and I saw it yesterday and were not disappointed!

Meryl Streep is amazing. Amanda Seyfried is adorable. Christine Baranski's "Does Your Mother Know" is appropriately raunchy. The only downside was Pierce Brosnan's singing, but I got past that.

The movie is funny, the setting is beautiful and the songs are great. I think you'll love it!

Note to woman sitting behind us: Just because you were an adult in the 70s, doesn't mean you 'own' ABBA. Wouldn't it make sense that your children would know/like ABBA since that's what you were listening to while they were growing up? Ah, the light bulb comes on.


B. said...

Glad your cuz went with you so I didn't have too.
You crack me up ABBA lover!

Iris Took said...

Thanks for this. I am interested but nervous. I love Pierce Brosnan, but heard his singing it bad. If you say you can get over it, I will trust you.

wrestling kitties said...

I can't even get through a commercial without a slight cringe. I think I am going to have to pass.....but I am glad you enjoyed it :)