02 July 2008

Sure, it's Funny Now

I've been enjoying Skulls and Crossbones and Wrestling Kitties letters to each other as of late. It's brought back many happy memories of living with my brother in college. Now that he and I have confirmed the details, I have to share one of my favorite stories:

My brother is two years younger than me. He's a bit more outgoing and has about 8 million friends. He and those friends used to shake their butts on the Uptown dance floor 5 nights outta 7 back in the day. It was one of those nights on which my story takes place.

I was in my room (reading or watching TV) while my brother got ready for his big night out. He was BLASTING 'Back that A** Up' on repeat during his preparation, much to my dismay. I asked him multiple times to turn it down to no avail. It finally got to the point where I was pounding on his bedroom door, yelling, kicking and throwing things.

During a break in my tantrum, I realized that other than Juvenile, his room was pretty quiet. So I looked outside - his truck was gone. My brother had snuck out the back door of our apartment - purposely leaving his CD up loud and on repeat.

I had to go outside, around our apartment building and let myself into the back door to get into his room and shut it off.

Now I can laugh about this, but at the time, I was ready to pack him up and move him out. Good luck, K. and J.!


Sad Panda said...

HAHAHA! That is something I would pull so thank you for the idea, ha!

Did you do anything in retaliation?

wrestling kitties said...

hehehe! Awesome!

Yeah, good luck K., I dare you.