01 July 2008

Songwriter Shout Out

Last night, while watching Nashville Star, my friend B. asked who Jeffrey Steele, one of the judges, was. I knew he was a songwriter and had won a bunch of awards, but I couldn't think of any songs he had written. Boy was I surprised when I found his credit list today. Here's a snapshot:
  • International Harvester - Craig Morgan
  • What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts
  • Brand New Girlfriend - Steve Holy
  • My Town, Hell Yeah and Speed - Montgomery Gentry
  • Chrome - Trace Adkins
  • The Cowboy in Me - Tim McGraw
  • Unbelievable - Diamond Rio
We could debate for hours who/what makes a song great (the beat, lyrics, performance/performer), so let's just agree that songwriters don't get enough credit.*

* For example, Bonus Points to whoever can tell me who wrote Tim McGraw's 'Last Dollar Fly Away'.

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jae said...

Kenny, from big and rich, got any other brain busters?!?