28 July 2008

Some Things Never Change

During a quick jaunt to BG Friday (B. had to pick up his transcript, I was looking for some alumni gear and both of us were craving stuffed breadsticks), I learned that some things never change. The students look the same, my old advisor is still dressing like a hippie and they still give out parking tickets (yep, we got one).

The one thing that has changed? The price of stuffed breadsticks! Geesh!


TLC said...

boo to the parking ticket.

but yes, the breadsticks are AMAZING!! and not very cheap!

B. said...

They were probably watching us to see if we popped money in the meter and then ticketed us as soon as we left the lot. Those bastards!

Shaun said...

I got so many parking tickets in BG while I lived there. They really have nothing better to do. A-holes! And I'm totally craving chicken and cheese breadsticks now!