17 July 2008

Photo Parade #1 - Excitement

This is my choice for Turtle Parade's first Photo Parade topic - Excitement.

These two (extremely hot) guys are Mark Miller, left, and Shayne Hill, right, members of Sawyer Brown. This photo represents excitement to me for several reasons: I love Sawyer Brown; this photo was taken from the third row of the coolest venue around; and these guys exude excitement through their singing, dancing and on-stage antics. I cannot go to a Sawyer Brown show (which I do at least once a year) without coming home with sore cheeks (from smiling and laughing so hard), a hoarse voice (from yelling) and a great outlook (from 'spending time' with these awesome guys).


wrestling kitties said...

Very nice! I love great concerts!

Yeah I completly forgot about the Iron Maiden concert for excitement....I will put that as number 2, hehe!

Dr. Turtle said...

Any concert is exciting in my book, but especially one that you absolutely LOVE and especially when you get to sit that close!!!