21 July 2008

Just Hear Me Out

I know that a lot of you have given up on Big Brother. I completely understand. It was hard for me to tune in after BB9 too. But, if you can spare an hour or two this week, I really think you should give it a chance. It might not rank up there with BB 6 (my favorite season) or BB 8, but it doesn't suck. Some observations:
  • Getting rid of Brian was one of the best moves I've seen in a long time.
  • Jessie winning HOH is gross. No, wait, he's gross.
  • Steven not checking out Jessie's HOH room was a dumb move.
  • I am looking forward to April and Libra's big blow out. It's coming.
  • How is anyone going to be able to vote Jerry off? I find him rather annoying, but the story about his wife was pretty heart-wrenching.

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