28 July 2008

Double Dutch is Dumb

The other day, B., B., M. and I shared loads of elementary school memories. They ranged from good to bad to tragic. Looking back, the emphasis we placed on now insignificant events was pretty funny.

If the conversation had gone much further, I would have talked about double dutch as it defined much of my third grade career. All of my friends could do it. In gym class. At recess. Before school started. While we waited for the bus. But not me. It's not that I'm uncoordinated; I think I just had a mental block against it.

So the news that double dutch is now being offered as a competitive sport in New York City high schools depresses me. Sure it's good for kids to have more opportunities for exercise and team-building and trophies (kids love trophies). But it's bringing up some sad memories for me.

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Sad Panda said...

I too was awful at the D.D. I was always assigned (happily, I might add) to be the rope handlers. I did that well enough. I suppose I just have more hand coordination than feet coordination.