23 July 2008

Calling All Musical Experts

I'm confused. One of my favorite Keith Urban songs is 'You Look Good in My Shirt' (my other favorite is 'Jeans On'). Both songs are from the Golden Road album, which came out in 2002.

Lately, 'You Look Good in My Shirt' is on the radio every time I turn it on (like just now). That's odd, I think every time I hear it.

Then I realize that I'm listening to Top 40 Country. So I look up the current Billboard chart - 'Shirt' is No. 6, up from No. 9. Huh? How can a song from 2002 be on the current Top 40 chart? Anyone?

Update: I've heard this song three times today. On two different stations.

Update #2: Thanks to my friend B., the mystery is solved. Evidently, 'Shirt' was supposed to be the 5th single from Golden Road. "Unfortunately", 'Days Go By' came out quicker than was expected, so 'Shirt' was scrapped. 'Shirt' has always been a fan favorite, so Urban re-recorded it. The whole story is here.


Sad Panda said...

Maybe someone requested it? I know that people have played songs from as late as 1998 on a Top 40s station because someone called in with a special request.

A. said...

I thought that at first, too, but I seriously hear it two or three times a day on multiple channels (K100, iTunes).

And would the request explain why it's on this week's Billboard Top 40 Country chart?

Anonymous said...

Keith released a greatest hits album at the end of last year, and that song is on the album. It is now a single off of that album, they must have chosen not to release it as a single in 2002...