14 July 2008

BB 10: Premiere Recap

While I'm mostly writing this review for B., who missed the premiere of BB 10 last night, I have to admit that I was mildly impressed. The main gimmick (picking the HOH before entering the house) didn't suck. And the cast has promise (I'm glad there are no secret alliances this season). That said, here are my thoughts, take 'em or leave 'em:
  • Note to Memphis: a mixologist IS a bartender whether you like it or not.
  • Note to Jessie: your physique isn't that great.
  • This isn't an earth-shattering prediction - Renny is going home.
  • I can't stand Dan and Jessie (who is a boy, despite the spelling of his name).
  • I don't like Memphis either ("chef for alcoholics," whatever).
  • Jerry needs a better 'secret signal'.
  • Not sure how I feel about the April/Jerry boob segment. Good for him?
  • I thought it was a good move by Steven to hold back a bit about himself. Not because he's gay, but because I think people in general over share at the beginning.
  • I think volunteering to sit out of the competition was a dumb move by Jessie.
  • I also think winning the car put a target on Memphis' bartending back.
  • I'm afraid that Ollie is going to get eaten alive.
  • I'm not Catholic, but I don't think it's OK to purposely be a bad person and then confess later. I'm talking to you, Dan.
Did anyone else watch?


freckleface said...

I am laughing! I couldn't agree more. Yeah Jerry needs a better "secret signal'...what was that? I love Jerry though. Renny is annoying, I hate to say it but a typical New Orleans native. I didn't even need her to speak, I knew she was going to go. I think probably first. Jessie get over yourself! Memphis...you're a douche bag and the fact that you won a car and claimed you didn't have one (whatever!), well pack your bags buddy! Dan looks like an ex-boyfriend so I hate him already. I don't know who I like yet other than Jerry. I am glad they went back to the basics. My fav season was the one with Will and Boogie...I did like the all-stars too!

B. said...

Thanks for the update baby, I will have to see if it is online so I can meet them all myself