10 June 2008

Crash. Boom. Sh*t. Oh, well.

The strangest thing happened last night. A tree fell on our car ... and I didn't freak out about it. I finished baking my friendship bread, watched Nashville Star and went to bed. What else could I do really?

The old me would have popped a gasket if a gigundous tree had fallen, taking a fence, a garbage can and my car with it. The new me was eerily calm. And efficient.

B. and I woke up this morning and bought a chainsaw; got breakfast; talked to the home insurance guy, the car insurance girl, the tree service guy, the fence repair guy and the AT&T girl; got an estimate from the fence guy; sawed the tree off our car; got an estimate on tree service; cleaned tree parts out of our neighbors' yards; got lunch; and went to work.

It helps that our insurance guy is amazing, the tree service guy is cool and our neighbors lent a hand. And the tree not falling on our house, the neighbor's house or the neighbor's cars are good things. So, all in all, it could have been a lot worse - the tree could've taken out my new patio set.

* Pictures to come.


Kay said...

Oh my goodness! So how much damage did your car suffer? I am so glad that no one got hurt.

Sad Panda said...

That's crazy! I echo Kay's remarks!

wrestling kitties said...

Seriously, I hope the damage wasn't too much. I am glad everyone is ok and good for you for staying calm!

TLC said...

that sucks. is your car fixable?

oh, and i love the title of this post.