08 May 2008

While I'm on the Subject

In my last post, I rambled a bit about food pushers and vowed never to be 'one of those people'. Just recently another type of person has really been bothering me, so I'm going to vow here and now not to be that type of person either - the 'you're pregnant' person.

Have you ever experienced this? In the past week or so, several people have declared me 'pregnant'. I yawned one afternoon and said I'd been feeling tired lately. The response, 'You're pregnant!' The other day I said I had heartburn and a friend exclaimed, 'You must be pregnant!' Later that same day, I said I had a headache and another person asked/stated, 'Are you pregnant?!'

No, no and no.

Why do common (and easily explained) health occurances have to equal pregnancy? Couldn't I have just stayed up too late, ate something spicy and worked too hard?


Kay said...

Remember when I puked my guts out at your house? Well when I finally went back to work everyone was all like, ooo, you puked in the morning?! You must be pregnant! No dumb asses, there was a vomit-flu going around and I got it. So annoying.

Sad Panda said...

"You have a sore throat, watery eyes, and you're sneezing?"

"Yes, I think it's allergies."

"Nope, you're pregnant! See all the heartburn from being pregnant has given you a sore throat. And you have watery eyes because the beauty of being a new mother has caused you to permanently well up with tears. And you're sneezing because the baby wants out prematurely and so is causing you to sneeze so you can pop it out."

Yeah... people are so stupid.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

This absolutely DRIVES ME INSANE, as well.

All I can say is, people have no, no, no idea.

wrestling kitties said...

ugh, why are people SO annoying?!

TLC said...

that is annoying.

however, i must say: when i was pregnant w/ my first kid (before i knew i was pregnant)...i was EXTREMELY tired every afternoon after lunch and my friend was like "honey, you are pregnant." yeah, she was right.

but really...when people do it on a regular basis, yeah it's annoying.

btw: are these the same folks who keep asking you if you're off to the bathroom?

Iris Took said...

You need a flippin vacation! UGH!