15 May 2008

Reason #1,445 I'm Glad I'm Not a Guy

I've gone 31 years, one month and 5 days without thinking about what actually goes on in a men's restroom. But the details (read: visuals) of the situation just hit me while B. was telling me about a conversation he had with his boss in the bathroom.



B said...

so what if I we talk while one or both are using the facilities and might or might not be touching certain parts it doesn't mean a thing!

Rockit J Squirrel said...

Do I get Bonus for recognizing the subtle Pushing Daisies reference in this post????

Don't sell yerself short, you have plenty of good "guy" qualities!

D said...

Sadly, I've gone two weeks... because I was at a bar, and I wanted to throw something away, so I walked through this door to this room in which a saw a garbage can and, well, let's just say I saw more than a garbage can. Blech. Penises everywhere.