30 May 2008


What's your favorite Tom Petty song?*

This is a ridiculously hard question for me. I love 'American Girl'. 'Zombie Zoo' was a late, but great, find (thanks B.). 'Square One' (from Highway Companion) is amazing. I could go on.

Now you.

* If you don't have a favorite Tom Petty song, I don't think I can be your friend.


Rockit J Squirrel said...

WOW that IS a tuffie (sp fer all of you grammar nerds) Yer so Bad (Full Moon Fever) has always been a fave of mine its the quintessential example of a singer/songwriter type song. Also Zombie Zoo and Apartment Song from the same album... Wildflowers and Time to Move on are way good too... So is You and I Will Meet Again and Dark of the Sun and don't forget I need to Know, American Girl and The Waiting. I too could prolly go on.

Iris Took said...

Into the Great Wide Open. I don't know what it is, but I just love that one.

Sad Panda said...

I can't help myself; I jam to "Mary Jane's Last Dance" over and over again. It might be the questionable subject matter that is such a turn on.

Instant Karma said...

I would also have to say "Square One" is one of my favorites. "Learning to Fly" reminds me of summer for some reason, so I'll have to go with that one too. I can't wait to see him in a few weeks!

wrestling kitties said...

Really, there are not too many of his songs I don't like!!

I love Into The Great Wide Open and I think Runnin Down a Dream is fun when you are singing it with a group of people!

Just a few more weeks!! YAY :)