09 May 2008

One More and I'm Done

I hate to do this, but I have to add one more item to my list of things people shouldn't say.

Construction continues on my building at work, which means I still have to go outside to use the restroom. (I did hear this week, though, that construction is on schedule, so come Aug. 1, things should be better.)

Anyway, why is it that every time I journey to the neighboring building people have to ask, 'Going to the bathroom?' or state 'I know where you're going.'

Of course they do. But is it really something people need to bring attention to? Next time they come to my building should I say, 'Eating again?'


wrestling kitties said...

hehehe! And YES you should!

B said...

I think you should tell them that you ate some bad sushi and have the runs next time they ask

Iris Took said...

Maybe you should make a sign that says "Yes, I'm going to the bathroom and you are a nosy SOB." Would that be effective?

Sometimes I think "WWJD" or What Would Jim Do - from the Office to make obnoxious office behavior tolerable.