07 May 2008

Must. Throw. Things. Away.

Do you ever have those days where you just want to throw things away? I do. A lot. I'm having one right now in fact.

Nothing would make me happier than emptying out a few files into the recycling bin, but my office is pretty clean. Darn it.

Maybe I can find something to throw away at home. Wish me luck.


Kristen W. said...

Do you think you'd get into trouble for throwing other people's stuff away? I think that might be the solution.

wrestling kitties said...

I am in the mood to throw tons of things away at home. A nice big spring cleaning.

Problem: That means I have to clean and move things around.

Such dilemmas.

Kay said...

Today at work I threw away five huge manilla folders that were from 2007. I loved it. Sadly, they were replaced with five other manilla folders and placed in the "high priority" bin on my desk.

Iris Took said...

I find myself wanting to throw other people's crap away constantly. It bugs me when people can't stay in their own space at work. UGH!