27 May 2008

Last but not Least

I know I'm pushing the Black, Red, White series by Ted Dekker pretty hard, but I really, really need someone to read it so we can discuss. I finished White this weekend and can't stand not being able to talk to B., B. or M. about it. (I can't give anything away, you see.)

Anyone out there willing to pretend they read it?


Two Pretzels said...

I would SO help you out, there's just no way to get my hands on these books given my current locale.

I'd love to help, though!

B said...

I'm 100 pages into the first one. Only 900 to 1000 more pages to go then we can talk

A. said...

Thanks, K.! I appreciate that!

Iris Took said...

I will pretend! Give me a week to at least get the book.