29 May 2008

In the News

For the first time in a long time, I listened to the news today. (I couldn't help it. I was at the dentist and it was either listen or concentrate on the drill in my mouth.)

Here's what I learned:

* Some hoity-toity housing developments are now allowing the use of clotheslines. In the past, many developments had banned clotheslines because they took away from the beauty of the neighborhood. But now with the energy crisis top of mind, the powers that be are changing their tune.

* Did you know that there's a food shortage? Yep. It's not just high gas prices contributing to higher prices at the grocery store - it's also a food shortage. Some blame the shortage on adverse weather conditions. The United States is less likely to feel the pinch than other countries, but some items (particular fruits and vegetables) may be in short supply this summer.

* There's a
woman in Massachusetts who is addicted to reality TV. She watches 20 reality shows per week because she feels like the contestants are her friends and they make her feel better about herself. She has two DVRs and three TVs - including one in her bathroom - to ensure that she doesn't miss a minute.

1 comment:

wrestling kitties said...

Love clotheslines!!! Maybe b/c I grew up in a farming type town and near Amish country I always just loved seeing clothes outside drying! I would like to have a clothes line, though I would be afraid of bird poop.

Yeah, I had heard about the food shortage. Our climate is changing and it is not good. I feel so bad for the farmers, they are having hard times.

I am about over reality TV. Yes, there are a couple shows I watch but I am done with it. That is sad that people on TV make her feel better about herself. She needs help.