29 May 2008

Highlights or Highlights?

The other day I saw a girl, probably around 10-years-old or so, with highlights. In her hair. They looked professional.

I wasn't allowed to color my hair, much less get highlights, until I was 18 (my mom thought my naturally red hair was 'too pretty and unique' to change), but I don't think any of my friends colored or highlighted their hair back then either (unless you count Sun-In).

What do you think about this? Are the times changing or is 10 is a little too young to be going to the spa?


wrestling kitties said...

I think this is ridiculous. We had a rule in our house: no makeup or any kind of hair/beauty things until we were 16. AND when I was 16 I had to go to a makeup artist so they could show me how to wear age appropriate makeup.

Sure I wore makeup around the house and did the kool-aid in the hair trick as well as sun-in when I was younger and wanted to change the color of my hair, that stuff was harmless but 16 was the age for spa type things...not 10.

My friend puts full make up on her 18 month old girl. Masscara and all. I get SO pissed when I see it, though I don't say anything as it is not my kid.

I guess whatever parents want to do....they are not my kids. However, I don't think it is right and I think it teaches kids at a young age to be concerned with their appearance.

TLC said...

that is WAY too young.

my sister is a hairstylist and she won't be highlighting or coloring my kid's hair until they are at least 16...

WK...seriously? your friend puts makeup on an 18 month old?? wow....that's crazy!

B said...

I loved that magazine as a kid, searching for things is so much fun.

B said...

Oh yeah makeup and hair highlights on kids is not cool. No need to grow up that fast.

Sad Panda said...

Yeah, that's just too much too early. I bet she had a cellphone. I bet you!

wrestling kitties said...

TLC - seriously, she thinks it is funny and treats her kid like a babydoll. Of course she had a kid b/c she wanted the attention NOT b/c she wanted a kid. Oh and I use the term "friend" very loosly, her baby's daddy is my friend, she is just someone in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Too young, way to young. 10 year olds should not be thinking about appearances--they should be getting dirty outside, playing tag, watching cartoons. I wonder why children are doing thinks like drinking and having sex earlier...parents are encouraging them to grow up too fast. There was one girl who got highlights that I can remember---I can remember that her mom was young--they would get their hair done and tan together. Pretty silly if you ask me. God made us beautiful the way we are. Her mom just kept telling over and over that she had to change or enhance herself to look good. Not a message I want to send to my kids. there's got to be some research on this somewhere.

I had forgotten about Sun-In. That makes me laugh.