14 May 2008

Hi. My Name is... (What?) My Name is... (Who?)

Have you ever had a phone conversation with a woman and just knew her name was Stella? You know the type - older, East Coast woman with a raspy, smoker's voice? I often picture her with white-blue hair and bright red lipstick.

I chatted with one such woman on the phone today. She never gave me her name, but I'd say without a doubt it was Stella.

Fake Bonus points to whoever tells me what my title references


Mrs. D. said...

Slim Shady.

Iris Took said...

My name is...jigga jigga jigga SLIM SHADY!

Mrs. D. you always beat me!

Sad Panda said...

Is it "jigga jigga jigga" or "chica chica?" I've always wondered...