23 May 2008

Google, Take Me Away

So, I Googled 'Calgon' to find a photo for a potential blog post and this popped up:It works. Nothing really exciting about it, but it gets my message across. I was all set to go with it when out of the corner of my eye I saw:
David Boreanaz in a bathtub? I'll take it.

Thank you, Google, for cheering up my day. I don't know how your searches work, but I like the results.


Sad Panda said...

hahaha, very nice! If you type "love" into Google Images with the filter off, you get some pretty explicit things. Things that are obviously not love.

Iris Took said...

Truly an "Angel" from heaven!

Kay said...

Wow, what are the chances of that popping up! How HOTTT!

wrestling kitties said...

hahaha! awesome!