08 May 2008

Get that Fritter Away from Me

Now that I have to watch my carbs, I am much more in-tune to how many carbs there are in popular food items. Before, I really only paid attention to calories and fat grams. I guess it doesn't take a genius, though, to figure out that there are a lot of carbs in donuts.

I'm also much more in-tune to people's tendencies to force food on people. Case in point, the morning meeting I attended today. Usually this particular group tries to force coffee on me. I don't like coffee and I've said that since day one, but they still try to make me drink it.

Today, it was donuts, specifically apple fritters and Timbits. I politely declined not once, not twice and not three times. I literally declined to every person in the room.

"A., have a donut." "A., have an apple fritter." "No apple fritter A.? Will you split one with me?" "If you don't help me eat these Timbits, A., my thighs will never forgive you."

I don't know what to do in these situations. I could inform them about my 'condition'. I could repeatedly decline (which is bound to get less polite as the insisting wears on). I could recite the number of carbs in each Timbit (10) and apple fritter (49). I could break down and eat the carb-laden food. I could eventually see myself losing my cool.

I hope I'm not a food-pusher. If I ever was, you can be sure I won't be in the future.


TLC said...

I would just tell them: Look, my body has this issue with insulin and eating carbs like that will not help, so back off!

I have issues with my blood sugar levels -- my glucose levels were bordeline problematic (my mom has insulin resistance too).

I found 2 things that help - take Cinnamon every day (in capsule form) and buy the Diabetic vitamin packs from NatureMade (walmart has a less expensive brand too). each pack has 7 or 8 vitamins that help with sugar metabolism and insulin issues.


wrestling kitties said...

This is what I would WANT to say:

"Back the F&%k off, I don't want a stupid donut, fritter, or anything else you feel the need to push on me. Just because you feel a sense of guilt for eating that thing, don't make me share in the same guilt as well. So leave me alone, get this stupid meeting started and eat your damn sugary fried bread!"

What I WOULD say:
"No thank, you." as many times as they offered while my body filled with rage.

I have tried to explain that I really don't like donuts but then that leads to an entire conversation and explaination on how this could even be possible. ugh, some people.

Sad Panda said...

If only there was a company dog that you could just pawn all your donuts and fritters on by slipping them under the table.

TLC said...

wk and sad panda...you 2 crack me up!

B said...

Devo would eat them all for you, he is a good dog

Iris Took said...

As a Weight Watcher, I am familiar with food pushers. Here is what I started doing - taking some of whatever FP is offering and then throw it away discreetly. :)

A. said...

I like the discreetly throw things away idea. I tried to accept the item, take a small bite so it looked like I was eating it and then leave it, but once I took the small bite, well, you can guess ...