13 May 2008

Deal of the Day

If you like Kraft Pasta Salad, you're gonna love this deal - it's free at Meijer! That's right, free. I may or may not have 16 boxes on my kitchen counter right now.

Here's the scoop: it's on sale for 4 for $4, good deal. But, each box also has a 50-cent coupon on it, which Meijer doubles, bringing your savings to $1!

After noticing the bargain, B. and I went back and 'bought' 8 more boxes. Our receipt shows our total as $0.00.

We grill out almost every night in the summer and this salad, with a fruit and/or veggie, combines to make a great meal.

1 comment:

Sad Panda said...

Reason #236 that I love Meijer