22 May 2008

David Won.

Man, you should have heard our table at Ralphie's cheer (and gasp) when David Cook won last night. You woulda thought we were watching something a little more important than American Idol! While all of us preferred Rocker David, we were all certain Boy David was going to take home the prize.

Coming in first doesn't always guarantee success (Ruben Studdard?), but I think Cook could make a go at it. Archuleta isn't going to disappear either. Although the season was kinda boring, this really probably was the most talented group so far.


D said...

I'm sorry. I'm glad it's over. The women in my office talk about it constantly. I told them they are no longer allowed to mention the name American Idol to me.

They now refer to it as "Boondoggle Glory"

B said...

I think over all Cook was better. I missed the last night of songs so I can't judge on that one, but I think they got it right.

"Boondoggle Glory" ha ha that is great I think that they should now rename it.

TLC said...

i agree. it should be renamed Boondoggle Glory.

i'm glad Cook won. the other David was just too "aw shucks!" for me.