21 May 2008

Celebrate Good Times. Come On!

There's a lot going on this month, but in the effort of sanity, I'm trying to learn how to say no. I'm also trying to learn how to pick and choose outings that won't tick people off. (Just because I missed your birthday party/bridal shower/baptism/etc. doesn't mean I don't love you.)

Since I can't physically be in two states at the same time and am therefore going to miss some things, here's a shout out to everyone close to me celebrating milestones in the recent and coming weeks:
  • Happy high school graduation, Cousin J.
  • Happy high school graduation, other Cousin J.
  • Happy college graduation, Cousin J.
  • Happy college graduation, B.
  • Happy Birthday, M.
  • Happy Birthday, L.
  • Happy Birthday, W.
  • Happy Anniversary, W.
  • Happy Wedding, S.
  • Happy Bridal Shower, C.
  • Happy Bridal Shower and Wedding, K.
I'm sure I missed someone, but I should get points for trying. Congratulations! Best Wishes! Salud!

1 comment:

Iris Took said...

Whew! You are a busy gal.