22 May 2008

CC Softball Update #1

We kicked off our co-ed softball season last night in a doubleheader at Rolf Park. Let me start by saying that Rolf Park is amazing. About a million steps above the Y park we played at last year.

Anyway, we won our first game easily - thanks in part to B.'s homerun, triple and single! Woo-hoo! I also had two nice hits - one into the outfield thank you very much.

The second game, though, was a different story. The team we were playing against was basically using us as batting practice. Why they're in our league, we'll never know. Rumor is they've won state the last three years in a row. (And they had fancy matching uniforms.)

At one point, we pointed out that their pitcher was using an illegal glove, but quickly wished we hadn't. Members of our team summed it up this way:
  • It's like poking a bee's hive with a stick.
  • It's like walking in front of a dragon.
  • It's like poking a shark in the eye.
In other words, we asked to have our butts handed to us on a plate. It could have been worse, though. We didn't throw the ball around and we had very few errors. We just couldn't hit their pitcher (illegal glove or not).

I think we're in good spirits for next week. I don't think B.'s men's team can say the same ...

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