25 April 2008

Those Tricky Troubadours

If it weren't for my friend B.'s subscription to Rolling Stone, I would have been out of the loop when it came to Mudcrutch and the Foxboro Hot Tubs. That worries me. I like to be on top of these things.

Anyway, if anyone out there - primarily Tom Petty and Green Day fans - is still out of the loop, you'll be happy to know that these CDs are for you.

Tom Petty fronts Mudcrutch, which evidently was his band before the Heartbreakers, and their CD will be released Tuesday, while Green Day's latest CD (as the Foxboro Hot Tubs) will be released May 20.

Songs from both groups are floating around YouTube. Mudcrutch is true Tom Petty, while the Foxboro Hot Tubs are a slightly bouncier version of Green Day. Both will be added to my CD collection.


wrestling kitties said...

I have heard about both of these. My bad, I was totally going to blog about these but forgot. I actually heard Foxboro Hot Tubs on the radio (106.5) and I liked it. Upbeat, but fun! Haven't heard Mudcrutch yet, but my dad was going to burn that for my sister and I believe, once he got it.

I don't think either bands made a big deal about this stuff.

Kristen W. said...

I really would like to hear these albums, I'm definitely a Petty fan and I always like Green Day albums (until they get overplayed). Thanks for the heads up!

B said...

I like when bands do off shoots like this after they have been around awhile. Green Day sounds like they are having so much fun.