09 April 2008

Save Your Wrapping Paper

Way back when B. and I started dating, he started this tradition of putting my unwrapped birthday presents where I would find them throughout the day - dresser drawer, driver's seat of the car, etc. It probably started because he forgot to buy wrapping paper, but I love it.

I've gotten two gifts this way so far this week! I found a CD in his coat pocket Sunday and he put another CD on a pile of things I needed to take to work this morning.

I have to say that stumbling across gifts unexpectedly is more fun than sitting down and opening them all formal like.


Kristen W. said...

That's such a great idea! He's a smart guy for doing that.

wrestling kitties said...

AW...that is TOTALLY fun!

Happy Birthday!

D said...

Oh, my gosh. That is too cute. Who knew laziness could be so sexy?

B said...

Hey I'm not lazy.

D said...

Haha! Did I say lazy? I meant charming (Freudian slip)