17 April 2008

Paper or Plastic?

Maybe it's because Earth Day is just around the corner, but lately I've noticed that B. and I are being more environmentally conscious. While we've always recycled aluminum cans and plastic, we're slowly replacing our light bulbs with the energy efficient kind and I've been bringing stacks of paper recyclables (magazines, newspapers, etc.) to work to toss into the recycling bins. We're also collecting reusable shopping bags. And the other day, I walked around with an empty 2-liter pop bottle in my hand until I could find a recycling bin.

I'm not sure where this lifestyle change is coming from (or if it'll really make a difference 50 years from now), but I figure we'll give it a go.


Kay said...

I've considered getting a bunch of the canvas bags, but I would need like 20 million of them for all of the groceries we buy. For now, I'm just reusing the plastic bags that I do bring home from the grocer. Some people on Etsy have used plastic bags for knitting! haha

Kristen W. said...

Those canvas bags are definitely more reliable than any paper or plastic bag I have worked with. I recommend.