15 April 2008

Operation P: Day #2

Please bear with me while I adjust to the bathroom situation at work. I usually blog about what's on my mind so this is may be a popular topic for awhile.

Instead of moaning about the situation, though, I've decided to make a game out of it. I figure there have to be dozens of restrooms on campus (I hear there are 6 in Health Tech), so I'm going to use a new restroom every day. So what if I have to hop on the shuttle and cross campus? Who cares if I actually get in my car and drive to the continuing ed building?

When my boss questions my productivity I'll just explain how my new-found bathroom knowledge will boost enrollment. It's a long, drawn-out connection, but it's there.


Kristen W. said...

I hope your quest goes well! I do this kind of thing on campus, mainly because I hate going to the bathroom when there are other people in there. I'm not sure why. I like my privacy?

Iris Took said...

Have you considered a chamber pot?

Iris Took said...

PS: Operation P is extremely funny.

M said...

Operation P = Operation Combat Bladder Infections.

I'm afraid I'm gonna get one because I'm doing my best to hold it.

TLC said...

but on the bright side, at least it's spring and it's warm outside and going across campus to P might not be that bad..... :)