04 April 2008

I'm a Sucker for Free Stuff

With my birthday right around the corner, my inbox has been filling up with birthday wishes from my favorite restaurants.

So far I've gotten a coupon for a free chocolate fondue for two from The Melting Pot, a free gourmet burger from Red Robin* and $5 off my next meal at Abuelo's (which I just used!). I'm checking constantly for my free Cold Stone creation coupon.

I know these e-mails are just ploys to get me into the restaurants (I used to work in advertising after all), but I'm not complaining!

* If you like Red Robin, you have to sign up for their birthday club. Not only do you get a free burger and fries, you get free ice cream! That's a whole meal! And they don't send junk mail.

1 comment:

B said...

Free stuff rocks!
They always make money anyway since I always have a meal that I have to pay for.