01 April 2008

I'll Never See a Game at Progressive Field*

One of my biggest pet peeves in professional sports is naming rights. I understand that companies pay big money to get their names in lights, but the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Arena just doesn't flow.

I started this vent back when the Mud Hens left Ned Skeldon Stadium for the beautiful but poorly named Fifth Third Field. I still get annoyed when I drive by Dayton's Fifth Third Field on my way to Cincinnati. Two Fifth Third Fields along 75? How unique!

I come back to this rant every time a stadium or arena changes to a corporate name. Until this year, I was proud to list Jacobs Field as an example of the way sports venues should be named. But, alas, they've let me down too. Where's the rich history in being named after an insurance company?

* But I will still see games at Jacobs Field.


M said...

Well said.

I agree with you. And Comerica Park is totally NOT Comerica Park, it's Tiger stadium*.

*Even though Tiger stadium is not Tiger stadium because it moved locations, I still call it Tiger stadium.

Kristen W. said...

That really sucks. Progressive Field makes it sound so... pansy. Jacob's Field reminds me of Jacob's Ladder, which makes me think of entertainment and a force to be reckoned with. Progressive Field makes me think of a man in his 50s hitting a midlife crisis and trying to be "new" and "hip" and "fresh" and "young." That's just sad.

D said...

Not to mention the fact that when you are forced to one day tell your grandkids "back in my day, it was called Jacobs Field"


Kay said...

Ours is called Great American Ballpark, which is named after an insurance company, but, not many people know that - they think it's just an "American" name. So I'm okay with it. Progressive is a horrible name - I think that should be banned. Stadiums should be named after the great players that once graced their hollowed grounds.

D said...

Well said K. Well, at least the non-steroidic ones, anyway.

TLC said...

i agree too....it's NOT Progressive Field.

It's Jacob's Field, the Jake.


B said...

I feel the same way as my Wife. I do not like when the change names to some bank or insurance company. Like Gund Arena changing to the Quicken Loans Arena for the Cavs.

I think it is all over when Wrigley Field has the name changed.

Now if the Indians take some of the money they get from Progressive to re-sign C.C. Sabathia I might forgive them.

TLC said...

b...i agree. re-sign C.C. and all might be forgiven. maybe.

Iris Took said...

Bob and Tom talked about this today too. Agreed!