08 April 2008

Hard to Describe, Easy to get to

For years, going to Garden Ridge was a special treat. There isn't one close by, so I make it a point to shop there when I am in Dallas visiting my friend D. or in Cincinnati visiting my friend W. But last night I splurged and drug B. to the one near Detroit (which I just found out about).

I tried getting him as excited about the trip as I was, but it was hard because Garden Ridge is kinda hard to explain. It's part garden, part home, part craft store, I guess. Very affordable. It's also huge.

If you're ever looking for patio furniture, dining furniture, home and garden decor, fake trees, or Tater Mitts*, check it out. I'll gladly go along.

* Yeah, we bought Tater Mitts last night. Gonna try 'em tonight. I'm pretty excited.

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